Sin City


After being the hot spot in Sofia’s night life for over 6 years the time for a makeover had come. The building had to undergo a heave reconstruction with many load bearing walls and structures being torn down. The reconstruction left two hefty columns and their foundations in the middle of the space. To hide them we developed a structure of triangular shapes which seems to explode from the stage into the ceiling. The two stages are connected by a catwalk which rises from the floor level. The triangular shapes dominate the whole ceiling of the venue, while in the area above the stage and DJ the triangles are made to move using programmable stepping motors thus creating a kinetic installation.


One of a kind kinetic ceiling
150 Stepping motors
Custom made kinetic control system

800 DMX RGB LED Pixels
2500 Custom made triangular LED Lighting fixtures
16 DMX Universes
8 e:Cue Butlers
1 LAS License
Custom made DMX PWM Controllers